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Become a SNöFLINGA Sponsor

SNöFLINGA will once again highlight the numerous everyday winter recreation opportunities in and around Butte, Montana. This includes cross-country skiing, ice skating, fat tire biking, trail running, curling, speed skating, and more. Snoflinga is always looking to add new activities and new ways to be active.

We have a variety of opportunities for sponsorships for local and national organizations. Your generous, tax-deductible contribution will help SNöFLINGA continue as a FREE, positive, community-centered festival emphasizing healthy recreation, fun, fitness, and community.

Thank you for your kind consideration of supporting SNöFLINGA. Please see below for our sponsorship levels, SNöFLINGA schedule of events, and mission statement for further information.

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor at any level, please contact us at as soon as possible.

SNöFLINGA is supported by the Butte Community Fitness Foundation

The mission of the Butte Community Fitness Foundation (BCFF) is to promote accessible and affordable opportunities for everyday exercise and movement for all Butte Citizens, regardless of age and economic status.

Our mission advances the utilization of various fitness opportunities in the greater Butte area including local parks, trail networks, skiing venues, skating rinks, and indoor exercise facilities.

A fit lifestyle leads to lower rates of obesity, depression, addiction, and cardiovascular disease. We anticipate improving the physical and mental well-being of our community.

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SNöFLINGA Sponsorship Opportunities

SNöFLINGA is seeking general sponsorships from local businesses and organizations. These are unrestricted sponsorships and will provide Snoflinga with the necessary infrastructure and operations to support the event. Sponsorships also help keep SNöFLINGA free to the community.

For any questions regarding the sponsorship of SNöFLINGA, please contact us at

Click on the different tabs below to read what’s included in each sponsorship level:

SNöFLINGA Sponsorship Levels

Double Black Diamond
(Presenting Sponsor)
Available: 1

  1. Listed as presenting sponsor in all of SNöFLINGA materials.
  2. Name and logo of presenting sponsor included with the SNöFLINGA logo on the following:
    • SNöFLINGA event guides;
    • SNöFLINGA TV commercial (to air January 2022);
    • SNöFLINGA radio advertisement (to air Janurary 2022);
    • SNöFLINGA website (as presenting sponsor, prominent location);
    • SNöFLINGA signage (banners, posters, etc.);
    • Social media posts (Facebook, Instagram);
  3. A short video showcasing the presenting sponsor’s business (to be posted to social media by January 2022)
  4. Opportunity to hand out promotional items at SNöFLINGA.
  5. Extra-large banner to be displayed at SNöFLINGA events.
  6. Logo included in SNöFLINGA banner over Main Street (by The Original).
  7. The announcer mentions the presenting sponsor at SNöFLINGA events.
  8. Logo on any race apparel (If utilized) and giveaways (sunglasses and tumblers) for race participants.

Thank you to Past, Present, and Future Sponsors

The growth of SNöFLINGA is a result of a dedicated board, enthusiastic committee members, generous volunteers, and a supportive community. While our portfolio of SNöFLINGA activities has expanded since its inception in 2015, our goals have remained the same: get outside, be active, enjoy winter, and celebrate community.

The willingness of our sponsors helps run a large-scale event and has truly been the backbone of SNöFLINGA. Our sponsors help us ensure that SNöFLINGA continues to create a unique, one-of-a-kind winter festival experience for all of Montana.