Montana-Alaska-Montanan performer, instructor and choreographer, Melissa Wanamaker, has over 20 years of experience educating dancers of all ages and experience levels and creating community spectacle with a mythopoetic lens. This artist, community catalyst, wife and mother of two loves to share one of her life's great passions with local movers and shakers.

About IlluminDance:
Explore story, artful props, and modern theatrical movement influenced by world dance traditions while we develop a common language, movement patterns, combinations and tableaux for optional and possible use in future site-specific art installations. Stretch your mind, body and spirit in these dark times and celebrate the return of the light together exploring the myths and folklore of history's light bringers. These classes are low-impact and beginner friendly. Add some sparkle to your winter as you sweat, laugh, play and move in mysterious ways.

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